Licensing and Quotation Permit

Most of our publications carry a Creative Commons license that allows non-commercial reuse of IRID content when accompanied by proper attribution. You may download, copy, adapt, display and distribute IRID's work under the following conditions:

Non Commercial Attribution

This attribution allows reusers to remix/recombine, adapt IRID's work for non-commercial purposes only. You do not need to use the same license although you still have to provide attribution/credit to IRID.

Non-Commercial Non-Derivative Attribution

You can download IRID works and share them with other parties as long as they provide attribution/credit to IRID, but they are prohibited from modifying, transforming/altering, or derivative of IRID works in any way and do not use them for commercial purposes.

Attribution in general: You clearly attribute IRID to your work by citing the source of IRID's work and the page referenced, and providing a link in the work. For publications such as study results, discussion papers or other research results, external parties are required to provide links to related pages on This to ensure all the information user can be accessed by the latest version of the publications if a revised or updated version provided.

To learn more about Creative Commons licenses, please click this link Creative Commons.

Should you have more question about IRID content publications's quotation permit and licensing, please Contact Us