IRID (Indonesia Research Institute for Decarbonization) is an Indonesia-based think tank focusing on
policy analysis and policy advocacy to support decarbonization and resilience society. As an open and
neutral organization, IRID supports gender equity, two out of four its co-founders are women. IRID
will employ and treat people based on their capabilities that suites to the need of the organization,
not based on their gender, ethnicity, nor religion.

Established on 13 December 2020 in Jakarta, Indonesia, IRID was founded with a strong vision to
continuously promote decarbonized and climate resilient development, not only in Indonesia, but
also at the global level. IRID works in the areas of, but not limited to, climate policy and negotiation,
carbon market, renewable energy policy and development, climate finance as well as environment
and climate law. IRID also aims to not only raise awareness but also to build capacity of relevant
stakeholders to make them able to actively contribute in the effort to achieve decarbonized and
climate resilient societies. To do so, IRID is currently looking for a Policy Advocacy Officer, with the following tasks and

Scope of Work
Under the direct supervision of Policy Advocacy Director, the Policy Advocacy Officer will undertake
the following tasks:
1. Actively involved and contribute to the projects design, implementation, including monitor-
ing and evaluation, as assigned by the Policy Advocacy Director;
2. Contribute to the policy research related with IRID’s core issues: decarbonization and/or cli-
mate resilience, as assigned by the Policy Advocacy Director;
3. Build networks with other think tanks, CSOs, Government particularly in IRID’s core issues:
decarbonization and/or climate resilience;
4. Contributing to the research and development of communication materials, as necessary;
5. Organizing events both for policy advocacy works and research works that are related to
IRID’s core issues;

Selection criteria:
 Minimum Bachelor Degree, preferably with experiences in climate change, energy, and fi-
nance policies;
 Having working experience of minimum 5 years in on climate change, energy, and/or finance
 Eager to learn on issues related to IRID’s core issues on decarbonization and climate resilience
at all levels, global, national, and sub-national;
 Capacity to work simultaneously on a variety of issues and tasks independently, adjusting to
priorities and achieving results with agreed objectives and deadlines;
 Demonstrated ability to function as a team player in a multicultural team, within and across
teams, deliver on complex and sometimes parallel tasks on very tight deadlines.
For interest applicants, please send us your CV and cover letter to at the latest 17 May
2023, with subject: Policy Advocacy Officer – (Your Name).

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